How Will You Handle Obstacles in Your Path?

goal setting Sep 03, 2022

The process of setting goals and taking action toward those goals requires vulnerability, patience, persistence, and determination. Life will always throw obstacles in your path, that's just the kind of world we live in.

In this video, I discuss how the recent bushwhack (hiking without a trail) I did provided me with a lot of good reminders and opportunities for reflection on the obstacles I'm going to continue to face on the way to reaching my goals. It also provided me a reminder of the feelings I'm going to face on the way to reaching my goals like vulnerability, fear, and that I'm all alone on my journey.

I'm hopeful this video will give you something to think about when you reach an obstacle. Will you turn back, stay where you are, or will you find a way to maneuver around the obstacle?

If you have a goal you want to reach, but you're having difficulty in reaching it, I'd love to help you devise a plan to overcome your greatest obstacle in a 2-hour strategy session: ...

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To Say "Yes", You Must Say "No": Sacrifice is Needed to Reach Your Goals

goal setting Sep 02, 2022

Whenever you say, "Yes" to one thing, you're automatically saying "No" to another. When I decided to say "Yes" to growing my business so I could pursue it full-time, I had to decide what I was going to say "No" to in order to make it work. I decided to say "No" to hiking, at least as much as I had been, even though it is something I enjoy.

In this video, I discuss how sacrifices must be made for any type of goal you're looking to achieve; whether that goal is to leave your house, go back to school, or start a new relationship. Prioritization is important. Hiking is important to me, but it's not essential for me to reach the ultimate vision I have for my life and my legacy.

I'm hopeful this video will cause you to reflect on what you'll need to say "No" to so you can say "Yes" to the life you desire and deserve.

If you want additional tools for reaching your goal, I encourage you to read or listen to my book, Reclaim Your Life After Trauma: The Power of Goal Setting. Whether your goal...

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The Power of Goal Setting in the Trauma Healing Journey

Hiking has been important in my healing journey for so many reasons. It pushes me mentally and physically. It proves to me over and over that I am strong, and that I can do hard things. In the early stages of my healing journey it made me realize that if I can keep going in the mountains when I wanted to give up that I could summit the figurative mountains in my life that I thought I wasn't capable of summiting, particularly my traumas.

In this video, I talk about how important hiking was in my healing journey and the importance of chunking down your goals into manageable bite-sized pieces so you don't get overwhelmed.

If you want a full toolkit on how to use goal setting in your healing journey, I encourage you to read my book, Reclaim Your Life After Trauma: The Power of Goal Setting. Sign up here to begin reading the Introduction and Chapter 1 of the book for free:

If you'd like to read the full book, you can find the eBook and...

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