To Say "Yes", You Must Say "No": Sacrifice is Needed to Reach Your Goals

goal setting Sep 02, 2022

Whenever you say, "Yes" to one thing, you're automatically saying "No" to another. When I decided to say "Yes" to growing my business so I could pursue it full-time, I had to decide what I was going to say "No" to in order to make it work. I decided to say "No" to hiking, at least as much as I had been, even though it is something I enjoy.

In this video, I discuss how sacrifices must be made for any type of goal you're looking to achieve; whether that goal is to leave your house, go back to school, or start a new relationship. Prioritization is important. Hiking is important to me, but it's not essential for me to reach the ultimate vision I have for my life and my legacy.

I'm hopeful this video will cause you to reflect on what you'll need to say "No" to so you can say "Yes" to the life you desire and deserve.

If you want additional tools for reaching your goal, I encourage you to read or listen to my book, Reclaim Your Life After Trauma: The Power of Goal Setting. Whether your goal is to brush your teeth each day, stop a destructive habit, change careers, or climb Mount Everest, you’ll finish feeling filled with hope and the belief that you can tackle any obstacle that life throws at you, including your trauma.

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