Reclaim Your Life After Trauma

The Power of Goal Setting

Available in ebook, audiobook, and paperback formats.

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Trauma is stealing so much from you. Enough is enough!

After the success of her first book, Stephanie Hutchins returns to share her healing journey and how she used the power of goal setting to pull herself out of a dark space. Draw­ing on her experience with trau­ma, she shares practical steps, daily activities, and resources that will help you replace old habits and challenge the limiting beliefs that keep you from envisioning a life of endless possibilities.

Just because you experienced trauma doesn’t mean you must live the rest of your life in pain. Your trauma doesn’t define you; it’s only stealing your life away from you. It’s time to break the chains that keep you anchored in the past!

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What One Review Says:

"Outstanding! A must read for everyone!

This book applies to everyone. We have all experienced trauma in our lives. Dr. Hutchins provides insight and guidance to work through your trauma. This is a must read!"

About the Author

Stephanie M. Hutchins, PhD, author of Transformation After Trauma: Embracing Post-Traumatic Growth, helps individuals overcome trauma and cope with stress. She is a Certified Life Coach, Stress Management Coach, Advanced Wellness Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and Yoga Instructor. She also owns Serotinous Life, a company that helps individuals harness the power of post-traumatic growth. 

Dr. Hutchins taught about the human body as a college professor for 12 years, and the capabilities of the mind and body continue to fascinate her. She guides others in harnessing the power of their mind and body to overcome tremendous hardship brought on by the inevitable stresses of life. Dr. Hutchins combines yoga principles, her knowledge of the human body, and her healing journey to empower others with tools to fuel massive personal and professional growth.

You can take back control!

Do you feel like the gut-wrenching heartache from your trauma will never end? Do you want to move forward but don’t know where to begin? This book will provide you the tools and strategies you need to break free from the shackles of your traumatic past. You’ll discover the power of goal setting and how it allows you to envision a life that is different from the one you’re familiar with.

Regardless of where you're at in your healing journey, Reclaim Your Life After Trauma will provide you with practical tools that you can begin utilizing immediately to change how you’re experiencing life. This book will walk you through the steps on how to:

  • Choose one aspect of your life to work on first.
  • Create a plan for tackling your chosen goal.
  • Prepare yourself for the roadblocks along the way.
  • Replace habits and beliefs that will impede your progress.

Whether your goal is to brush your teeth each day, stop a destructive habit, change careers, or climb Mount Everest, you’ll finish feeling filled with hope and the belief that you can tackle any obstacle that life throws at you, including your trauma.

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What Another Review Says:

"What an Amazing Read!!

I bought this book and procrastinated for weeks before finally turning to the first page and dived in. Trauma is hard. Point. Blank. Period. I always thought I dealt with my trauma and didn't think I would learn too much from this book. Boy was I wrong! The insight provided by the author was so helpful to me. I felt like I was reading my life story on some of the pages. It has definitely been an eye opening moment for me and is helping me deal with my issues without making me feel like a failure. I highly recommend this book if you are trying to improve your life and set some goals. You will not regret this purchase, I promise!"