Rewrite Your Story: Change the Meaning of Your Trauma

When I focused on all that I lost and all that would no longer be because of my trauma, I suffered. I felt like I was stuck and that I would forever suffer because of my trauma. Nothing changed until I changed the meaning behind my suffering, until I changed my story. It’s the only thing I have control of now that my trauma is in the past. 

In this video, I talk about reframing, changing our perspective. We cannot change the fact we experienced our trauma, but we can change how we think about our trauma. Even though gaining positive coping mechanisms and setting goals for moving forward were important in my healing journey, I kept slipping back into old patterns whenever thoughts from my painful past reemerged. Everything changed the moment I decided to change how I thought about my trauma. 

I discuss how important listening to the stories of people who experienced immense suffering was in helping me break the negative thought patterns I had on repeat in my mind. Once I saw what was possible after experiencing trauma, I was able to look at my story differently. I also discuss how the mountains helped me in rewriting my story. 

I also do a short reading from my book, Transformation After Trauma: Embracing Post-Traumatic Growth. You can sign up to read the Introduction and Chapter 1 of my book for free:

If you would like to read or listen to the full book, you can find the eBook, audiobook, and paperback on Amazon.


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