Which Do You Choose: Pain or Beauty?

healing from trauma Jun 22, 2022

People often think they're condemned to a life of misery after they experience trauma. I also believed this at one time. During that time, I only wanted to die because I thought my suffering was only going to end in death. But it wasn't true!

Everything changed the moment I realized I could choose what I was going to focus on each day. I could choose to focus on the pain and devastation my trauma left behind. Or I could choose to focus on the day right in front of me. Once I started to focus on the day in front of me, I began to see that life wasn't just about suffering. I started to see beauty all around me. I saw that every minute of every day I had a choice of what I chose to focus on: pain or beauty.

As I say in this video, “We can change how we experience life by just shifting the stories we tell ourselves and shifting what we choose to place our focus on and that’s empowering! That means that our unchangeable past can stay where it belongs, in the past. And it means that we can dictate our future and our future doesn’t need to be determined by something that happened to us in our past and based on something we did or didn’t do in our past.”

So, which do you choose: pain or beauty? If you want to choose beauty but you have trouble winning the battle again and again let's create a plan in a 2-hour strategy session so you can begin to consistently win that battle: serotinouslife.com/strategy-session


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