Practice Gratitude Even When It's Hard

healing from trauma May 17, 2022

What are you grateful for today?

"Every once in a while when I’m walking, I like to put out my arms, close my eyes for a brief moment, and focus on the sun and breeze on my skin. It always makes me smile. Being surrounded by all elements of nature makes me feel alive and reminds me how blessed I am. When I’m home, I like to place my hands on my chest so I can feel my heartbeat. I’m so grateful that it’s still beating. I’m so grateful that I hung on and didn’t give up. This simple practice fills me with gratitude and joy."

"When you begin to focus on all the good things in your life, you’ll see all that you have to be grateful for. Practicing gratitude daily has been a game changer for me. I spent many years in my teens and twenties wishing I were dead. Now that I’m on the other side of the devastation, I’m able to find joy all around me."

From my book, Reclaim Your Life After Trauma: The Power of Goal Setting.

With experiencing so much pain in my life, it took consistent practice to train my brain to look for beauty in every moment. The effort has been absolutely worth it. I'm now grateful for every day I have on Earth.

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