The Importance of Healing Your Inner Child

podcast Dec 24, 2021

I was so honored to be interviewed on the EQaboveIQ podcast by host, Trina Casey. This podcast focuses on parenting with emotional intelligence and healing your inner child. I feel connected with the mission of this podcast because my long trauma history began as a child. I am also a strong advocate of adults doing the hard work of healing their wounded inner child so they don’t perpetuate cycles of trauma that can spread from generation to generation and throughout communities. 

I loved that we talked about the importance of not shielding children from the terrible things that can happen in this world, like sexual violence. We need to give our children the space to talk about the pain in this world, so they don’t feel that they have to keep secrets if something bad happens to them. It also gives the child the opportunity to learn ways to cope with difficult life circumstances, like divorce and bullying, if we give them the opportunity to not only talk about their feelings, but work through them with different types of coping mechanisms. 

We also had the opportunity to discuss why I focus on goal setting, self-care, and reframing with all my coaching clients, regardless of where they’re at in their healing journey.

I think the episode came out great and you’ll find value in listening! 

You can also listen to this episode and other great episodes on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and other major podcast platforms. The title of our episode is, "Growth Through Trauma: Interview with Dr. Stephanie Hutchins."

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